Take the melodies of great pop songs, the intelligence of a great jazz solo, the groove of the JB's, the smoothness of the best R&B guitar solo, the truth of the old school folk and country songs and you have On An Island. On An Island was started for one purpose and that is to create the best music possible. Take the best musicians from a variety of genres, let them do what they do best and put it down on record.

This group of musicians is led my multi-award winning children's composer Tim Friedlander who has performed with Slash, George Lopez and the Brian McKnight Band. He has opened for a broad range of artists including Coolio and Trina and has worked with some of the best musicians around. Other members of On An Island have been featured on NBC, have performed with Mariah Carey and Jordin Sparks, and have toured the US with the Blue Man Group. Now is the time and On An Island is the band.